Swap all your books for free

MerciBOOKoup has installed her first book swapping library at The New Block on Strijp-S, located on the Kastanjelaan 300 right next to Microlab. This swapping library has over 1000 books and a nice reading corner to enjoy the great books you just found and to meet people. Moreover, we are setting up a program of reading clubs, discussion groups, and book swapping events to regularly host in this library.

Are you interested in organizing your own book-related event here? Then contact us!

Opening hours

Currently, the book swapping library is not open yet. Opening hours will follow soon!

How does it work?

The swapping library is entirely free and will soon be open on all workdays. Simply walk in with some books from home, put them in the bookcase, and take some other books back so that you can continue reading. In case you don’t have a book with you but you see one in the library that you would love to read, just take it and bring another book back later. Don’t worry, we trust you 🙂

Our selection of books

The selection of books is continuously changing by everyone using the swapping library. However, we do have a few main genres that you can find via the clear signs in the swapping library:

  • Novels (Dutch & English)
  • Thrillers (Dutch & English)
  • Kids
  • Young adult
  • Informative
  • Sustainability


Any questions? Send us an email, or reach us on FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn!