The most important person that gives us trust in our project is you. Together with you and many others in Paris, Eindhoven, and beyond we are building a community of people who love books, the environment, saving money, and do not want to waste resources. Through many great and sustainable collaborations with the organizations detailed below, we aim to provide books to anyone and everyone for free. Do you also believe in a social and sustainable way of reading books? Then please share the story of MerciBOOKoup with your friends, family, and neighbors to help us spread the word and make our community grow!

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Empow’Her is an international network of organizations dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women. They have been mobilizing around a common vision since their foundation. The vision of more inclusive entrepreneurship. This will not only act as a source of empowerment for women, but also as a catalyst for transformation for our societies. MerciBOOKoup was selected to join their Women Act program. This is a support program lasting several months. It is dedicated to women who carry out projects with high potential for positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

ChangeNOW aims to identify and help innovative solutions to the challenges that the world faces and provide the resources they need to scale-up. These challenges are related to health, social, and environment. ChangeNOW advises, influences, and connects heroes of change to other year-round contributors of the ecosystem to accelerate positive impact. To that end, they organize, every year, the largest positive impact gathering in the world in Paris.

Acteurs du Paris Durable, which depends on the Paris City Council, organizes regular conferences, workshops, and meetings. With this they aim to give a taste of the Paris of tomorrow, a Paris that is more green and human.

La Cité Fertile is a large space in Paris dedicated to the challenges of the sustainable city. As part of a transitional urban planning project of SNCF Immobilier, it operates the passage between the old goods station and the future eco-district of Pantin until 2022. This experimental ground is in continuous evolution for 4 years, the City Fertile is understood as an area to fertilize, sow and flower.

Low Carbon France mobilizes and places citizens at the heart of environmental issues to reduce the carbon footprint of cities. The association welcomed 10,000 people in 2018 at awareness events.

GO Green Office is an organization of students and employees at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. It aims to make the operations, education, and the people on this university move towards sustainability by shaping inspiring ideas and launching projects. Firstly, they aim to create awareness about the importance of sustainability. Secondly, to stimulate to take action via promoting and executing sustainable projects. And lastly, to provide the support needed to empower those actions.

Zero Waste Zone is a bulk store that aims to create a place where people can make their first zero waste steps and get their questions answered, but also feel good about who they are. It is a shop but also a place where they want to meet you and get to know you better. As it is important for them to be part of the community and contribute to its wise and sustainable development.

Sortez Tout Vert is Julie’s blog. Today an activist, she began by committing herself daily in a minimalist and zero waste life almost five years ago. For two and a half years, she has been sharing this daily on her website and via various parallel projects such as Onestpret and the web program Le JTerre. In this way, she facilitates the path of those who would also like to start  with pedagogy and benevolence.

Recyclivre is a social and solidarity-based company that collects books for free from private houses. These books are sorted and put on sale on their website. Thanks to this activity, around thirty people are working in integration and more than 1000 associations have been financed. If you have not found your happiness during our swapping parties, you can buy books at a low price in their online shop. They have over a million books in stock!

MyTroc is designed for amateurs of good plans, for all the ecologists, and for all those who want to consume in a more responsible way. It is a simple and unprecedented way of lending and exchanging goods and services online.

La base is 700 m² in the heart of Paris entirely dedicated to mobilization. Here you will find a bar, offices, a coworking space, a storage place, places of training organizations, workshops, conferences, parties … and many other events for all those who want to commit themselves.

Zéro Waste Paris promotes the Zero Waste approach through concrete actions and awareness in the Ile-de-France region. The “Nothing New Challenge” is a challenge to all citizens to make us think about our modes of (over)consumption. It offers simple and concrete solutions such as barter to facilitate the transition to a more eco-friendly way of life.

Le Social Bar is a true laboratory of friendliness where everything is implemented at the Social Bar so that you can meet new people with ease! It’s a meeting place, a place where life is good! Le Social Bar ensures that people who do not know each other dare to talk to each other in a bar, a restaurant or a coworking space.

Imago is an associative and voluntary video platform dedicated to videographers engaged in the transition. Whether they produce content that critically analyzes existing models or content highlighting alternatives to these models.

makesense has always been driven by (re)empowering. Their programs, with no barriers to entry or classification on exit, allow them to equip and enable all the players in society to work together. Their goal? Change the system to change the world.